Experis Ciber is now an OTP of (ISC)2

Together we simplify tomorrow

ALL new technology can be used and misused. A little simplified one can say that we who work with cybersecurity have the job of making use as easy as possible, and misuse as difficult as possible. We know that criminals, special-interest groups, organizations and nations are working to gain unwarranted advantages. If we give them the opportunity, they will take it.

Knowledge is key to effective defenses. Frameworks and structures are also important but means little without the knowledge to utilize them effectively. You gain both valuable knowledge and access to frameworks through our teaching. Experis Ciber has existed in Norway for over 35 years. In all these years we have delivered expertise to our customers. We now also supply regular courses.

Currently we are offering the following (ISC)2 courses: 



Facts about our training:

1. An Experis Ciber Security course shall be a positive experience and shall provide a solid foundation for further development.
2. Experis Ciber aims to enable our students to apply knowledge gained through our courses as quickly as possible. We therefore focus on good examples from reality and a practical angle of the curriculum.
3. We are using active, experienced consultants as instructors . Our instructors know both the curriculum and the area of expertise they are teaching. 
4. We deliver courses from leading international certification organizations.
5. All our courses have a startup guarantee – if you have enrolled the course will run!
6. We deliver value into the courses, far beyond what is in the curriculum.
7. For all our exam-oriented courses from (ISC) 2 and PECB, we offer you to follow the lessons in a later course for free, if you do not pass the exam on the first try. You only pay for food and refreshments.

Experis Ciber is located in Lakkegata 53, in the Sundt quarter, a few minutes walk along the river Akerselva from Grønnland Metro station or from the bus and train stops at Schous Plass. The central railway station where the airport express trains stop is just a leisurely 10 minute walk away. There are hotels in all price ranges in the immediate vicinity. We cooperate with the restaurant "Vintage Kitchen" for lunch and catering.

Our courses start at 8.30 and ends at 16.30. This summer we will run a summer school in late July and August, please see information below.

Summer School

Our course schedule:

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